Building the infrastructure for TON.









about TonX Studio

Achieve the vision of The Open Network

Rely on low-layer blockchain technology to make TON a fully-developed Web3 leader. 

Product Revolution

Create new products on TON and make innovation based on existing products.

Community Activation

Build an effective forum for TON developers and community members to communicate efficiently.

Achieve the vision in TON’s Whitepaper

Conceive the technology application and work on the low-layer technology to achieve the vision of Web3 in TON’s Whitepaper.

our mission

To build a leading web3 infrastructure on TON

TonX Studio provides services such as staking, Web3 Name Services, ecosystem forums, and others that can meet the users’ needs.


How we achieve our goals

 Be tough, overcome challenges

Q1 2021
The core developer had joined TON core team to research and develop infrastructure technology.
Q2 2021
TonX Studio:The TonX Studio team was found.
The core developer had joined TON core team to research and develop infrastructure technology.
Q3 2021
TonMine:Research TON blockchain mining contracts, build GPU mining pool TonMine.
Made contribution in areas like Validator, Liteserver, Liteclient, etc.; developed Tonstake validator system and built node testing.
Q4 2021
TonStake Beta:Built the beta version of TonStake staking service platform.
Q1 2022
TonStake 1.0:Launched the TonStake site with support for English and Mandarin channels.
Q2 2022
TonDaddy Beta:Built the web framework of Tondaddy and launched the beta version of DNS browser.
Q3 2022
TonDaddy 1.0:Launched the Tondaddy site, improved DNS browser functionality. 1.0:Set up forum.
Q4 2022
TestNet 1.0:Built TON test network archiving nodes and maintained smooth operation of test network nodes.
TonRun 1.0:Launched TON SITE Browser/Gateway/Navigation page for public stress testing.
Q1 2023
TonRun 2.0:Supported Ton Storage and all content in Ton Storage, including images and SITE.
TestNet faucet 1.0:Built test network token taps and open test network token withdrawal channels for developers.
Q2 2023
TonDaddy 2.0: Updated DNS management and editing features.
Optimize TonStake, TonDaddy user experience.
Q3 2023
TonDaddy 3.0: Adapted Ton Connect technology and built user Dashboard.
Q4 2023
Tonstake 2.0:
1. Developed Nomidator contract and built Nomidator staking system.
2. Updated the security system and enabled multiple signatures.
Created TonFura database through API technology and a Developer kit.
Q1 2024
TON Browser: Built a TON Browser with features such as using Firefox as a substrate, adding js filtering suite, showing dht status, and adding ton proxy. Runs on mac, windows, linux.
Q2 2024
TON VPN: Build a TON VPN that provides users with a secure and private internet connection.

Want to learn more about TON?

TON is a fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain designed by Telegram to onboard billions of users.